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Monochrome photos are luminance patterns and color photos are converted patterns from countless to a few colors. Both are just approximations.



By the influence of COVID-19, vacant rooms are increased in central area in Kyoto, and it becomes often to be seen glass windows of vacant rooms covered with sheets or wood plates.
On the other hand, the rush of construction apartment buildings occurs in residence zone.
It becomes often to be seen the just new glass windows covered with sheets also there.

When I try to stare at the reflection on the glass, grains of wood or pleats of sheet interrupt me.
Then, when I try to stare at grains of wood or pleats of sheet themselves, the reflection on the glass interrupt me.
I remember the word “trade-off” with this experience, I think that it symbolizes social situation right now the most.



When we see the bottom of the below image, we can see the sheet with protrusions. Then, seeing upper gradually, our awareness are to the reflection on the glass away from the sheet itself.
I wonder if it is difficult to aware the texture or existence of the object itself when it becomes the basement of the reflection.


I remember such a frustration I felt in childhood as when I would see the outside of the window in the train at night, the light reflected by the window kept me from seeing outside.

It’s difficult for me to see what I want to see.