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feeling relieved.


Everyday I walk through the front of the station “Чёрная Речка(Chernaya Rechka)” and I see this strange animal. When I see it on the way back home, somehow I feel relieved.



The first time I saw something like face on the surface of a tree, I thought it was by chance. As I often saw these faces here and there, I was sure a kind of play in snow.

play in snow LISA SOMEDA

The base is colored.

play in snow LISA SOMEDA

The favorite one is below. Children treat this mysterious animal when its legs or tail suffer.

play in snow LISA SOMEDA


kronstadt LISA SOMEDA

Kronstadt is a small town in Kotlin Island on Gulf of Finland. So it was a fortress, it has been filled with moat. The residence of NCCA is located on there. It takes about one and half hour to go to center of St.Petersburg by Marshrutka(k-405) and subway.

By the way, color of the light was really like this photograph. It was the first time for me to see such a blue world.



Even though temperature had dropped at -25℃ in January, it was around 3℃ and I could see almost no snow when I arrived at St.Petersburg.

It was 5 days after my arriving when snow falled.

snowfall LISA SOMEDA


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